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So much for seeing all the rampant wildlife!

Chasing the sun on the wet cycle south

  LEAVING Whitehorse was tough. Tough because we’d enjoyed doing our best impersonations of Hobbits a little too much, tough because the road ahead featured about four towns in 1000km and tough because we’d gotten a bit too bloody fat on our three week holiday. And so it was with heavy hearts and heavy arses that […]

Blue skies ahead for Canada? Coincidence you ask? Probably, but we took it as a good sign all the same!

Alaska Part Two: 500 Miles Of Nowhere

  SUNLIGHT streamed through the wide streets of Fairbanks as we pedalled out feeling like battered war veterans. My legs still felt as though they’d gone nine rounds with a cricket bat and my backside still burned from the saddle sores that brought me to my knees days earlier. We might have survived the Dalton […]

A secondary road near the Vietnam border in Laos makes for spectacular cycling

Laos – the land of sand, streams and siestas

  I’M cycling through a dusty village dwarfed by sharp granite hills and sprinkled with thatched bamboo huts. From a makeshift playground of old tyres a handful of kids wave madly and scream “hello” while a villager sharpens his machete next to a bungalow. It feels as though I’m a rickety bridge and some war […]

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