DSC07831Sarah I’m Sarah Webb, a journalist from NSW, Australia, who got fed up with writing about other  people’s adventures and decided to go out and have one of my own. I’ve been desperate to tackle  a hair-brained journey since reading the Hobbit aged 10 and I’ve been just as desperate to see the  world, every intimate part of it, since I learned to read. I’m a writer, a busy body and chronic  sufferer of little man syndrome, foot in mouth disease and verbal gastro and I have an  unfortunate tendency to embarrass myself in public. I met Scott while working in a bar in  Brisbane between journalist jobs and since then we’ve been an unstoppable, albeit geeky force. I love food (a little too much) being anywhere but home, bikes, running, soccer and lying on the couch with a book and a hot chocolate on a cold Sunday afternoon. Three years ago I’d never ridden a bike more than 5km and four years ago I’d never so much as spent a night in a tent. With my first couple of grey hairs sprouting through a year ago I figure time’s of the essence and being the cynical journalist I am, I’ve finally worked out that you don’t have to be special to have an adventure, you just have to be a little bit crazy, a little bit naive and really itchy in the feet department.

Scott I’m Scott Daniel-Guiterrez, an Aussie from Queensland who was born in sunny Brisbane. My    dad’s from Chile, my mum’s from New Zealand and when I don’t shave for a few days the  resemblance to Hagrid is uncanny. The first sparks of travel passion were born early in me, and I  remember feeling the thrill of excitement at getting on a plane while heading back to New  Zealand as a small child for family trips. The real desire to soak in different cultures came from a  trip to Thailand as a 21-year-old and I remember being completely swept away and intrigued by  this contrasting life to the west. I’m a great lover of food (I’ll eat absolutely anything you put in front of me) and while I’ve held may different jobs over the years I have most recently taken a taken a position as an english teacher in China.  I also love soccer, bicycles, photography and yes, travelling. Since I’ve missed the boat (the talent aspect could be an issue too) at getting a gig with Manchester United I couldn’t be happier seeing the world from the seat of my bike, while capturing as much of it as I can as I look for new and exciting adventures.



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