Nine fun stats at the nine week point!

It’s been just nine weeks since we left Brisbane, Australia, to cycle around the world so we thought we’d put together a few fun stats this far in!


1. Fastest amount of time an entire tub of butter was consumed: 1.5 days.

2. Shortest distance cycled in a day: 9km (we got to Caenarfon and couldn’t resist staying)

3. Number of flat tyres: 1 (Sarah copped a slow leak on her back tyre which Scott changed)

4. Shortest time consuming an entire packet of digestive biscuits: 45 minutes (Sarah on a solo job while reading her Kindle)

5. Biggest lover’s tiff at highest altitude: The Castle Inn at 1000 feet above sea level – Scott wanted a second beer and Sarah wanted to salvage the already blown budget).

6. Lowest temperature camping: 5 degrees in a freezing valley inland from Llanbrynmair

7. Number of parcels sent back home upon realising we had too much crap in our bags: 1 – Sarah sent back a sports bra, a t-shirt an a dressy button up blouse that she realised she would never ever get to wear. She is also in the midst of sending back a pair of fancy jeans, an ill-fitting cycling jersey and some makeup.


8. Sarah’s worst tantrum: Cycling towards Balloch in Scotland. Sarah got halfway up a hill and all but jumped off and threw her bike into the gutter while screeching “this is shit, I can’t do it, I just can’t”. It took her 40 minutes to get back on the bike and to keep peddling.

our wild camping

9. Scott’s worst tantrum: It’s a close tie between cycling from the Dolau Inn in Wales to the main road via some epically steep goat tracks that Sarah suggested they take. Scott’s loud ranting scared the nearby sheep. And our first night of wild camping when a plague of midges attacked us and infiltrated the sacred tent.


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