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A Dance With The Devil

IN 1993 the leader of a multi-billion dollar drug empire was brought to his knees during a spectacular arrest at his Guatemalan bolt hole. Being a particularly resourceful drug boss, El Chapo managed to escape from his Mexican prison and return to the Sinaloan Cartel throne. In 2014 he was re-arrested at a fancy hotel […]

Beauty in the barren desert of Baja California Sur just near Loreto

Bye Bye Baja, hello Mexico

“WELCOME to the Baja, ain’t she beautiful!” Waving his arms around like a proud father Bob leaned out of the pricy restaurant and shook our hands before again welcoming us to his little town. “You’ll just love it here!” He slurred. “You enjoy yourselves now.” We’d scarcely been back in Mulege for three hours and already a […]

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