Archive | July, 2015

The ultimate Cappadocian sunrise

Tea with the PKK and the hot road to Iran

LEAVING a city by bicycle is about as fun as eating a sack full of sheep poo. It’s not just because you’ve spent the last few days sleeping in a real bed, enjoying food that’s not two minute noodles and watching hordes of stylish locals pound the pavement. It’s because any unfamiliar city of a […]

Sarah struggling up a steep gradient on the Marmara Sea coastline

Cyclist slumps and sleeping behind servos’

MENTAL slumps strike when you least expect. One minute you’re on top of the world, feeling better than Bear Grylls on steroids as you pump the pedals to new adventures and then suddenly just getting out of bed is your new Everest. It was just a few hours after Istanbul’s sprawl disappeared from the horizon that a severe case […]

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