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Preparing to descend (just moments before Sarah's biggest stack)

Morocco the video!

It’s only taken a couple of months but after endless hours of video editing (thanks Scott) here is our seven minute Cycling Morocco movie! Featuring: Freddie and Birte (from Germany), Franck (from France) and Paula and Gaspar (from Portugal). Oh and us of course (Sarah and Scott from Australia).  

Crossing the picturesque footbridge to reach the even more picturesque Blue Mosque

Istanbul Constantinople!

IT’S easy to make assumptions about Turkey’s biggest boldest and brassiest city. For starters it houses 15 million people, secondly it plays host to one of the east’s biggest grand bazaars and lastly it’s neatly divided by a river with one side claiming it’s the “west” and the other the “asian” side. In my head I […]


West to east: the end of the EU and the hellish road to Istanbul

LEAVING the one time capital city of Greece, Nafplio, was tough. The sun soaked town – filled with 1970s beach shacks and old winding streets overlooking the ocean – seemed to encapsulate every childhood summer holiday we’d had and while the temptation to bum around the beachy town for a few more days nearly won us over, the urge to see some […]

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