Archive | February, 2015

Thieving dogs and the rustic charm of Portugal

LISBON IS a picture of summer elegance the morning we peddle out for good down its bone shattering cobble stones. But despite the sunshine it’s bitterly cold thanks to an icy wind hurtling across the city that seems to sting more than usual thanks to almost two weeks holed up in a hostel. While the long sick break allowed us […]

The end of Lisbon and the road south to Africa

AFTER an expectedly long stay in Lisbon the end is finally in sight. My chest and ear infection have died down from a full roar to a dull throb and I’m no longer a red nosed, snotty contagion scaring off all the other poor backpackers in our cute Lisbon hostel (memorably called This Is Lisbon). In fact I’m […]

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